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Gruber Hans Gruber
Gruber Hans Gruber is a scientist, focusing on excession-related mutations. Gruber's started life as a professional baseball player[1], but his promising career was cut short after he lost an eye in a knife fight with paralinguist Mycinea Coba[2]. Some years later[3], Gruber re-emerged into public view as a microbiologist, working for the Frankenmuth Institute.

Gruber's most notable work has been on the impact of the Freakish Rain on local life forms, particularly the quokka. Gruber's theory that names dark antimatter as the driving force behind the phenomenon has been uncontroversial. However, his further contention that dark antimatter is itself a living lifeform, which is parasitic on our universe, has been widely derided.


  1. Hitting a career .302, primarily for the Pirates.
  2. The circumstances of this dispute remain unclear. Gruber's explanation that it was an argument over exactly who was the boss on the pre-Excession television series of the same name strains credulity. Coba, for eirs part, merely chuckles significantly.
  3. Gruber remains silent about this period in his life. Specifically, he says nothing regarding how he came to corner the global market in honey and thus become the world's 17th richest person.


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