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One of the great InfoArchologies, Green Hussar is not actually a place but a collaboration. Pseudononymously authored, edited and curated but still a geopolitical place powerful and respected enough to have seats at the United Nations, the Death panels the Council of Elders, the Westminster Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, the Lumberjack World Championship, the New Zealand Business Roundtable, Lochearnhead Shears and The X-Factor and rumored to also have representatives on these secret judging panels that are heavily influential on our culture(s): The Academy, the MPAA, the MacArthur Genius Grant judge panel, the Nielsen Board, the Michelin reviews and the Nobel Prize awards judge panel.

The librarians at Green Hussar are generally credited for one of the popular interpretations of world events distilled to a number in our new calendar system.

The origin of Green Hussar is collaboratively understood, which is a fancy way of saying that no one really knows where it came from. Some versions of the story say that it simply came into being as part of a socio-political desire, some say that Anonymous may have something to do with its formation and structure. Most stories agree, however, that the principles and living style of Mycinea Coba informs the philosophical practice that underlies the living disciplines of the disciples of Green Hussar.[1]


  1. This author is quite enamored of the fusion of the social, political, informational and design practices that inform the core of the Green Hussar lifeway.

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