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The Gibraltar Affair[edit]

The Gibraltar Affair refers to a dance competition taking place in and around the Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned in Gibraltar beginning on Smarch 11, 203AK and continuing until the violent, unexplained death of all participants on Smarch 22, 203AK.

The competitions were organized by Fr. Nickelback Picardo in an effort to "be cool with the kidz". Although local youth showed little enthusiasm for the project, Fr. Picardo's offering of "Get Out of Hell Free" dispensations bearing the seal of Pope John Paul George Pete IX for any dancer completing four or more rounds of the competition resulted in several dozen participants.

The competition had been proceeding without incident for eleven days when armed assailants dressed in the traditional garb (an orange robe with a sash made of turkey feathers) of the Frankenmuth Institute staged a startlingly violent attack on the dancers. Within minutes all participants were dead and their bodies removed by the Frankenmuth attackers. Spectators reported hearing screams of "Boola Boola!" from the attackers.

No explanation for the attack has yet come to light, and the Frankenmuth Institute denies all involvement.

In Popular Culture[edit]

The song "That Was Really Fucked Up! I Mean, They Were Just Dancing, You Know? Why'd You Have To Kill Them, That Was Really Uncool Dude, You Know? I Mean, Damn!" by Swoopsie reportedly refers to the Gibraltar Affair.


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