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Ghost Partners are thought to reside within the Cerulean Dimension or are at least using the Cerulean Dimension with which to communicate with humans. This dimension and it's residents are said to be sensed or perceived by some, particularly those who have studied martial arts, psychophysiologists, and toll booth attendants. Communication with Ghost Partners has been based on art, music, love and metaphor rather than direct verbal interaction, demonstrated most notable by Amily Frankenmuth, Eustace Jenkins, and Yo Yo Ma 16.

The phrase Ghost Partners is generally credited to actor turned director Huang Yiliang with his 2012 film My Ghost Partner. Throughout his career, Yiliang had claimed to have his own "Ghost Partner" assisting in his decision making. At the time, this statement was generally regarded as an artistic flight of fancy, but in the face of the Excessions and the discovery of the Cerulean Dimension, it is now thought that Ghost Partners may have had a role in shaping the development of human culture throughout the ages. Controversial historian Ames Nedley has published her third book, Chariots of the Ghosts, highlighting instances thoughout history which she claims were influenced by Ghost Partners.

First contact with Ghost Partners often results in the uncontrollable singing of a song which include the word blue in the lyrics. [1] Many people who have contacted the Ghost Partners take great pride in this moment [2] and will often share the title of the song which they sang,


  1. Conspiracy theorists have compiled lists of songs which have been sung at first contact:
  2. Often crassly referred to as one's Blue Cherry.



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