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The Galbraith Dig was an expedition to the Bentley Subglacial Trench to explore changes in the substrata of the Antarctica due to Excessions. Before the expedition was beset by an unidentified form of Emotionally Transmitted Disease that led the explorers through hysteria, weeping, and eventually a rash of murder suicides, they documented discoveries of Exotic Metals which showed the effects of excissions on the continent. In addition, they also found a vast storehouse of Amn. The presence of these oddities leads most experts to believe that at least some of the current continent actually came from elsewhere in the world. The Transpositional Theory has been endorsed by the American Archeological Society. The most fervent denier of Transposition Theory is Henrik Indigo as documented in his poorly researched "Why Those Transposition Theorists are Idiots and Sycophants".


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