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Fuego (formally known as El Ciudad de Nuestro Túnel de la Tierra del Fuego) is a city at the southern/western terminus of the Buryatia-Patagonia Transverse.

While the northern/eastern terminus of the B.P.T.B. was discovered almost immediately after its appearance (due to its location in the exact center of Ulan Ude's former public library), the location (and indeed existence) of its South American counterpart was unknown for several weeks, despite being only a few miles away from a city of moderate size. Buryatian citizens eventually alerted the people of Puerto Natales to the presence of the Transverse by aiming a high-powered laser into their side and repeatedly turning it on and off. The American terminus was subsequently used as a garbage pit and occasional suicide spot until its closure by perplexed local authorities in 77 AK.

The city of Fuego was founded thirteen years later, when the region was contacted by representatives of the Distributed Commonwealth of Autonomous Machines[1], which had discovered the Buryatia terminus, immediately realized its commercial potential, and headed straight for its antipode. Originally envisioned as a utopian human-machine partnership built around the enormous South Dock, the city of Fuego grew extraordinarily quickly, expanding around and past the original city of Puerto Natales, which became a mere suburb.

While the boomtown economy of Fuego made some humans and many robots very wealthy, living conditions in much of the city became grim, due to a total lack of social services and occasional managerial forgetfulness regarding biological needs like heat and water. Eventually these pressures led to the formation of the trade union/guerilla army/distillery known as Mitad del Mundo, which attained control of Fuego's government in 122 AK.

Today Fuego is a modern, cosmopolitan city, home to over two million sentients, with a fascinating combination of post-Chilean and Siberian cultural influences. While use of the Transverse has fallen off in recent decades (due to the advent of matterporting), Fuego boasts a thriving tourism industry, and is famous for its local delicacies, such as the famous crudos de caribú.


  1. Which, at the time, was a fully-fledged global state, rather than a mere engineering corps.