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Physical Structure and Behavior[edit]

Imagine if you will a checkerboard. Now imagine that checkerboard is really a cloud and each square is five meters by five meters and that the light squares are actually patches of clear sky. That is pretty much what the freakish rain looks like from above (or below if one still has eyes). It is one of the most orderly of the various examples of Climatological Flux, marching in gridlike pattern across the Southwestern part of Old Australia.

It is a grid of 64 squares (hence the checkerboard analogy) 400 meters by 400 meters with a five meter border on all sides. Rain falls only from the cloudy squares and not the border. It completes its cycle across Southwestern Old Australia in two weeks and then reverses course.


The name doesn't come from its abnormal shape but from the effects the rain has on anything caught in its path. Originally thought to be the result of an Anachronism like effect, the infamous scientist Gruber Hans Gruber showed that the Freakish Rain caused changes to the DNA of living organisms in its path, often with results far exceeding the grotesque. Gruber Hans Gruber tried to call them Abominations, but most of the scientific community call these tormented lifeforms The Malformed.


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