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Amily Frankenmuth is the only child of Loyal and Alberta Frankenmuth. Born shortly following her father's death, she was raised by Alberta and a series of loyal Loyal household staff members.

Early childhood[edit]

Amily's mother fiercely guarded her daughter's privacy and shielded her from the outside world. Homeschooled by some of the finest minds money could buy (or at least borrow), Amily was reportedly a brilliant, inquisitive and headstrong child.

Teenage years[edit]

Amily came into the public eye during a series of radical pro-vegan protests that took place at the gates of the family farms. Shamed by this display of anti-pork sentiment, her mother Alberta cast her out.

Young adulthood[edit]

Building on her notoriety, Amily went on to become a world renowned sex worker, best known for her live Ghost Partner sex shows due in part to her egalitarian refusal to change more than twenty dollars per ticket.


After spending several years peaking in her career as a sex performer, Amily reconnected with her mother. Shortly thereafter, she abruptly left sex work to join the Clock Tower Preservation Society (CTPS). Quickly rising through the ranks of the CTPS, Amily was named Inspector-Lieutenant of the elite Supranormal Activity Investigation Team (SAIT) unit, where she remains to this day.

On 1 September, 206 AK, Ms. Frankenmuth held a SAIT press conference during which she announced a long term investigation as to the causes and effects of the Excessions. The first report of this investigation, rumored to be titled Interdimensional Politics, Nestlings and the Polished Mirror Institute is expected shortly.



Nestlings (FL)

Supranormal Activity Investigation Team


Clock Tower Preservation Society (Required)

Alberta Frankenmuth.