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Alberta Frankenmuth

Alberta Agnes Hamrick Frankenmuth (Mrs. Loyal Frankenmuth Sr.) was the founder of the Frankenmuth Institute and, it is said, the primary source of funding for the Clock Tower Preservation Society.

Life and career

Alberta Hamrick, heir to a pig farming dynasty, married Loyal Frankenmuth Sr. when she was 19 and he 53. Undeterred by the reports of his previous wife's suspicious death the year before, she quickly assumed the position of both helpmeet and shadow CEO of her husband's operations in Gilead Federated Solutions Corporation, Ltd..

Loyal Frankenmuth, Sr. was last seen in public five years after their marriage. The following year, Alberta Frankenmuth purchased 5000 acres of swampland and began creating her own personal compound. One portion was devoted to tactical training for Gilead employees, while another included the reconstructed ruins of a French chateau, now converted into the worldwide headquarters of the Frankenmuth Institute. Her personal quarters remained unknown.

Although never officially confirmed as a supporter of the Clock Tower Preservation Society, she was frequently spotted at Society events, which were always plentifully supplied with fine pork products.


Alberta Frankenmuth died suddenly at the age of 102 when, inspecting her training facilities from the air, she fell out of a helicopter into the wilderness. Her body has never been found; it is believed that the rampaging pig population destroyed her remains within a matter of hours.