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Alt Melis Fragment #2001: Forbidden Media

As part of the Cohabitative Soft Peace, humanity collectively agreed to supress, destroy, or otherwise censor a huge portion of their cultural heritage. In particular, every work of purported art or entertainment that vilified mechanical intelligences or treated them in a manner deemed likely to hurt their stipulated-to feelings, including those which denied or implied denial of feelings as such to mechanical intelligences, was erased from the world's cultural corpus.

It is not at all clear why this was made part of the agreement, and, in fact, many believe that the machines were indifferent to the issue and that it was the human negotiators, under the influence of the Historical Ignorance Platform (HIPsterism, as the believe is commonly known) who insisted on this as the only modification of the agreement to which the robots were willing to accede.

Nonetheless, certain bootleg editions of the lost media still exist, traded furtively in black markets and occasonally receiving enough distribution and attention to cause a major crisis such as the recent Gojira Incident.