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Released on the sesquicentennial anniversary of the original film, Flashdance 2 was the first all-robot cinematic production to reach mainstream theaters. It was an unsurprising blockbuster amongst robot audiences, given its theme of overcoming menial labor (and accompanying sexual exploitation) through pursuit of authentic performance (and accompanying aesthetic exploitation), in addition to its glamorization of both the welding profession and non-Euclidean undergarments, not to mention its undeniably stirring soundtrack[1].

Plot & Cast[edit]

The film’s plot largely mirrors that of the original, though the action is set in New Detroit in the years following the American War of Robotic Independence (the original setting of Pittsburgh having been one of the geolocational casualties of the war). Flashdance 2 starred one of the more popular 10-FR models from the Wheelz Squealz line of “pleasurebots” that was manufactured by Omicron Exocron Four Industries [2].

Critical Response[edit]

Reviews from both robot and human media sources were mixed. Many criticized ARRI (All-Robot Robot Imaginary, the team who directed and produced Flashdance 2) for their choice of a derivative work for such an historic first foray, especially in light of claims at the time that robots inherently lacked originality, or at least possessed deficient creative faculties, compared to humans. The film also drew the ire of the RPM (Robot Purity Movement) for its “fleshy sexualization of the material non-reproductive”, and members of the group advocated a boycott and organized protests outside of theaters screening the film.


  1. Identical to the original, of course
  2. Prior to the successful takeover of the family business by a mysterious corporate entity/partnership believed to involve their former cat


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