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Fyvush Finkel, in his first life
Fyvush Finkel [1922-2015; AK35- ] is the leader of the extremist cult group the Janesville Janissaries. In Finkel's unremarkable first life, he was a theater and television actor in 20th century America, passing away quietly in 2015.

In AK35, a small group of rednecks in rural Wisconsin somehow gained access to a Devotchka Device[1] When activated, the device called forth a reincarnation of the late actor, now approximately 35 years old, and extremely aggressive. After achieving dominance of the group[2], Finkel rapidly molded them into an effective mercenary force. Within five years, southern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois were under the strongman's heel[3].

Fyvush Finkel (foreground), leading troops through conquered Waukesha, WI
Finkel's ultimate goals are unknown. However, his fiefdom has rapidly moved from traditional personality cult to something odder. Few leave the area alive, and those who do bear strangely haunted expressions. The phrase Lintar-Ratnil is on their lips, at least for the short time they survive. More investigation is clearly required[4].


  1. Or analogous device. The canonical Devotchka Device disappeared in 2050. For a further exploration, see Spooner and Trapezius, Afterlife of Devotchka.
  2. They never did find Tom's body.
  3. He made no moves against the cetacean residents of Chicago-Under-The-Sea, confining his operations to the surface.
  4. Though certainly not by this researcher.


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