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An icosahedral quasicrystal, three dimensions of which are visible here (thus appearing as a dodecahedron).

Exotic Metals are a hyperdimensional form of matter. Actually they are crystalline[1] in nature; specifically quasicrystals[2]. This structure extends into non-traditional dimensions (customary 4-spacetime) to create a hyperspace lattice.



Semiconductors built from exotic metals have been integrated into information processing systems, with some limited success.

Exotic metal foil, used in circuit board stamping).


Due to the multidimensional stability of the quasicrystal lattice, exotic metals have remarkable persistence and resistance against anachronism. As such, they are highly valued for financial transactions, particularly as the backing currency for the reality cheque.

Information Transmission[edit]

Energetic bombardment can, at certain resonant frequencies, stimulate vibration across multiple dimensions. The crystalline structure acts as a prism, but the refraction, due to the extradimensional nature of the material, is orthagonal to the traditional 3+1 dimensions our spacetime is embedded in. This enables a (somewhat unreliable[3]) travel through hyperspace, as well as limited communications.



  1. The structure of a metal
  2. What defines a quasicrystal is an ordered lattice (like a crystal) with an aperiodic structure.
  3. Current research points to the aperiodicity as a cause of the irregularity in information transmission.