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The Excessions refers to the series of six catastrophic disruptions of space-time beginning with The Event and continuing through the Senary Excession. It may also be used loosely to encompass the innumberable smaller disruptions, or micro-excessions, that continue to the present day.

Major Excessions[edit]

The Primary Excession (aka The Event)[edit]

The initial triggering event of The Event is hotly disputed by scholars. What is known is that on March 23, 2083 BK in Geneva, Switzerland, the Cathedral St-Pierre et Chapel des Macchabés was suddenly replaced by a circa 1992 BK Pizza Hut restaurant. Exactly 93 minutes later, the Cathedral re-appeared, followed again by the Pizza Hut another 93 minutes later. This cycle continued for approximately three days, after which neither the Cathedral nor the Pizza Hut was seen again.

The Secondary Excession[edit]

The Secondary Excession took place on April 24, 2089 BK outside what was then the City of London. Throughout an area of approximately 120 square kilometers, spatiotemporal events began occurring at an increasing rate. Notable anomalies included the displacement of the entire Gatwick Airport (including surrounding businesses, parking facilities, etc.) some nineteen feet to the northeast, an unexplained tolling of churchbells in areas where no churchbells were visible, and the rerouting of the M23 up (but not down) a previously-unknown mountain.

The Tertiary Excession (aka the Batavia Excession)[edit]

The Batavia Excession took place on January 27, 2091 BK, again on January 26, 2091 BK, and finally on January 15, 2091 BK, in and around the village of Batavia, Suriname.

The Quaternary Excession[edit]

Beginning on Gryphon 9, 6 AK and continuing intermittently for the next seventeen months, the Quaternary Excession began near the Challenger Deep on the southern end of the Mariana Trench. While the remote location of the Excession resulted in few overt changes to the human experience of space-time, the ecological disruption was enormous and it is likely that this Excession is responsible for more human deaths than any other.

The Quinary Excession[edit]

Following a long period of relative spatiotemporal normality, the Quinary Excession and the long stream of micro-excessions that followed it began at 60 Hudson St. in what was then New York City on Barnacle 19, 114 AK. Contemporary reports likened the spread of anomalies from one building to another to a wildfire. When the scale and frequency of anomalies had reached 35 on the Ziegler Weirdness Scale, authorities declared a quarantine of the Island of Manhattan, which remains in place to this day.

The Senary Excession[edit]

The precise time and location of the Senary Excession remains unclear. Indeed, it is possible that no single Excession is responsible for the globally-ubiquitous series of disruptions collectively known as the Senary Excession. The reason for all of these disruptions involving, in one manner or another, soup is the subject of active scholarly work.


The term "Excessions" stems from the last recorded transmission of pilot A.J. Ziegler on British AirSpace 291, while attempting to land at Gatwick ("Well, this is excessively fucking weird, inn't it?").