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Dear Colleagues:

I can only hope that this message reaches you. Please bear with me as the fog in my mind is still roiling about... The events of the last days (months? years?) remain muddled in my memory. Of this I am sure: Following my submittal of the Devotchka Device article, I turned my gaze to the topic of the Excession Era, determined to compile my notes and publish a definitive article regarding the major Excessions, their durations and impacts, and how the old calendar and new AK timeline fold together.

It was, I sensed, one of the most productive times of my academic life. I scarcely felt the handful of days pass as my notes seamlessly fell into place, new evidence appeared as if by request and the words flowed from my fingers to the screen. Splinters in the timelines became obvious, cause and effect came into focus, and I even made some startling insights regarding the mystery as to how the Bills won the Super Bowl in 2059.

When I left my office two nights ago, I had (forgive my immodesty) a rather brilliant article ready for submission as well as supporting manuscript of over 300 pages. I could scarcely believe I had produced such work in mere days. It now appears as if I did not produce this work in, as I perceived it, days. Upon reaching my home, I found it in shambles and seemingly abandoned by human life. I was told by the flock of Crows currently inhabiting it that they had seen me leave the house over 27 AKs ago and they chose to move in when I did not return after 2 AKs.

Bewildered and in shock, I immediately returned to my office, only to find that my article, manuscript and all supporting research is missing. It is unclear to me if I am caught in an Excession or if my own sense of time is fraying. Regardless, I must now question everything and frankly, I fear for the state of my mind.

I hope to continue my research and that all of you are well. I urge caution as we proceed.

I fear things are not as they appear…

Sincerely –



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