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Aside from its obvious meaning in the context of our now ever more believable multi-worlds or multi-dimensions or multy-co-terminalities universe, many believe that this phrase also haply applies to both the Diaspora ("from one WORLD, many") and to the fluctuation in universal genetic code and phenotypical characteristics of the human race ("from one PEOPLE, many").

Prior the era of major excessions, humanity was in a state of a "melting pot, not yet melted" of many different Races, where physical differences between humans were carefully categorized by facial structure, skin tone, height, weight, and other differentiators between different categories easily understood and enforced by every individual human. While the differences are harder for us to see now, they are also less obvious, both psychologically[1] When the excession era happened to us, our differences became less important to us as a people and we became one race. Human.

Now that the Diaspora is well past and humanity sprinkles its genetic uniqueness among the stars, many philosophers and conspiracy theorists fear that we may again begin to focus on differences between humans as we get more and more inured to the newer wonders of our external universe. Others think that should we make hostile first contact out in the worlds and dimensions, this may once again force us to focus on collaboration rather than nit-picking at the tiny differences among us.


  1. Because of our many new worlds including the new dimensions and various new windows into external realities, our focus has turned from differences between each other to the new frontiers available outside of our tiny single world.


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