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Ex-London is the name for the structure now found on the site of the city of London, the former capital of the erstwhile United Kingdom.[1]

The city and its surrounding suburbs were a locus of many space-time anomalies in the post-Event era, particularly after the Quinary Excession[2] In 111 AK, the city of London abruptly disappeared, replaced by a featureless object made from an unknown blue substance. The structure is a perfect circle, centered about 25 meters east of the former Charing Cross Underground station, extending approximately 25.6 kilometers in diameter to roughly the track of the old M-25 motorway.

While only some 9 meters in height[3], the object appears to extend to unknown depths beneath the ground surface-no exploratory dig has yet found its bottom. The material the object is made from-inevitably dubbed Londonite-has similarly resisted all efforts at analysis. It is hard and translucent, with unusual patterns seeming to exist far within its depths.


  1. Now consisting of the English Archipelago and the United Celtic Republics.
  2. See as examples, Brromley and the Analogous Zone.
  3. The actual height appears to vary across the upper surface. This is frustratingly unclear, however, as measurements of the same spot return different results at different times. Despite this, no one has ever observed any motion of the surface.


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