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Continental Europe escaped most of the Excessions physically unharmed. It wasn't until the Senary Excession that the mainland became was largely effected. Much of the Excession struck during dinner time, while many Europeans were sitting down to eat soup that they discovered the Soupy Sentience as it started to scream at them, in their native language, "DON'T EAT ME!" Much of the soup was spilled allowing it to propel itself using still unknown modes of locomotion to Paris. The Soupy Sentience has since taken over much of the city making it largely inhabitable for humans. Those that remain are known as the Kraker Metgezel (Cracker Companion) because they largely speak Dutch.

This is not to say that Europe went untouched by Excessions prior to this. Carla's Gift had reached pandemic proportions before The Tertiary Excession in 2091 BK, but it wasn't until the rise of the Soupy Sentience that widespread changes in Europe resulted. Widespread dietary changes resulted from the inability to make soup that didn't scream and run off.


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