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The English Archipelago is a chain of islands north of Europe. Previous to the Excessions, England, Scotland, and Wales composed one landmass with some smaller islands. During the Excessions, parts of this landmass disappeared, sunk, rose, or were otherwise displaced, resulting in the current archipelago. The archipelago is a popular tourist destination, with many scenic vistas, quaint towns, and ruins to explore. The most popular attraction is Mt. Jezebel, or "the fickle hill", as the locals call it.

Main islands[edit]

The largest islands of the archipelago are Sursexshire (containing the area previously known as Surrey, as well as parts of West Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, and Berkshire), which encompasses the Analogous Zone as well as Ex-London; Devon-Cornwall; Wales (which survived miraculously untouched); Manchester-Yorkshire; North Scotland; and South Scotland.

Smaller islands[edit]

There are hundreds of smaller islands in the archipelago, though some are considered temporally or geologically unstable. ACTs are not uncommon on some of the more active islands, and persons wishing to explore are advised to carry an inflatable raft, lest they find themselves unexpectedly marooned.

The Untied Kingdom[edit]

Several isolated sections of the former United Kingdom which are now under the sea have recently been resettled by groups of gillers, calling themselves The Untied Kingdom.

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