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Eustace Jenkins’ masterpiece Ecks Ess Yun has been variously categorized as opera, philosophical treatise, mathematical proof, and pornography. The story follows the protagonist, Piper, whom the critic Dominique Wendle-Knut has described as, “65% Mary Sue, 45% Hero with a Thousand Faces, and 100% bad at math,” on a journey seeking intellectual and emotional, but mostly, sexual fulfillment among people, animals, and Ghost Partners.

The mathematical-physiological aspects of Ecks Ess Yun that take place the Cerulean dimension are considered by some to be a proof of Degeneration Theory. Others insist that the “proof” relies in several key instances on sloppy reasoning and anatomically-improbable sexual practices (such as reverse cryptolingual binding). This, and the inapplicability of the proof outside the Cerulean Dimension, point to the interpretation that Piper is an unreliable narrator, and that the author has slyly constructed a clever but ultimately empty edifice in mocking anticipation of Coba's Indigo Theory

While Ecks Ess Yun can be apprehended by those unable to perceive the Cerulean Dimension, its impact is significantly lessened, and it has been compared by the cerulean-blind to the smuttier works of Phillip Glass.