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What little is known about the Drooly brothers is clouded by conspiracy theories, conspiracy whackjobs and conflicting historical narratives.

One of the most colorful theories about the Drooly brothers, their impact on our current historical narrative and where they are now was proposed in his younger days by Dr. Meatus (resplendent) DDS during his youthful days as a young and violent yarbol (alt: yarball) at Cambridge[1][2]

Rumor also has it that the Drooly brothers and the Bantu brothers share a common brotherhood. Whether this is fictional, imaginary, conspiratorial, social, or a new illuminatus remains to be seen. Most adherents to Dr. Meatus' theory tend to believe that despite Chester's Final Parting, that massacre may not be the last we hear from or see of Chester Drooly.


  1. Additional rumors abound as to whether this theory was proposed while on a Nitrous Oxide induced dreamquest or whether this rather colorful theory was proposed as part of the modern psyche of the Dr. Meatus we know and love today - also see emotionally transmitted diseases - Dr. Meatus's social life was quite active back then.
  2. On the Anachronistic Nature of the Drooly brothers' contributions to our society, Meatus (resplendent, DDS, T., BJM, 2170.4. Summary: The Drooly brothers hail from a different narrative where causality chose different branches. Their not infrequent intersections with our own narrative generally cause high body counts because of narrative friction. This also explains why the brothers disappear from our narrative for years or decades at a time without explanation.


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