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The Dicrurus prolificus is a common and widely-distributed songbird. As with most songbirds, the drongo's song is learned culturally, leading to the emergence of many dialects in various regions. The following list provides transliterations of D. prolificus' local dialect songs in several locations, drawn from data kindly provided by the author's correspondents (along with skins or live specimens for taxonomic confirmation).

  • Baranavichy: Rrrrrrr rrrrrrvaaaa, rrrrrr, rrrrrvaaa
  • Edentill: Krrrrrrr brrraaap, krr braap
  • Bretton: Brap brop, brap brop
  • Brromley: Brroop, brroop
  • New Tampa: Beep boop bop
  • San Diego: Boola boola, boola boola
  • Fetoun: Weeeeah weeeeah weeeeah weeeeah
  • West Sneed: Kriiicky, kriiicky
  • Left Noob: Wrraaaaaaah kah kah.
  • Severance: Screeka scraw
  • New New York: Hooody haw, hooody hooody haw.

A definitive phylogeny of the tribes of drongo awaits the temporogenetic evaluation of samples meticulously collected and cataloged by the author. If certain researchers were not so stingy with their precious proteases, PPFPCR would allow disentanglement of migratory spread of drongos from song-fad propagation, to the benefit of both geneticists and cultural ornithologists, but, alas, this study is a 'trivial boondoggle' in the minds of some and not worthy of their inestimable, cherished enzymes.

The Drongo in Popular Culture[edit]

In the holovision program Dinglebots!, the drongos of Ulan Ude and Puerto Natales are portrayed as sharing a song of "borehole, borehole." (Obviously scientific accuracy is not to be presumed, though the author has not been able to disprove this factoid. Scholars in Ulan Ude and Puerto Natales or the vicinity are encouraged to submit specimens and song reports.)

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