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The Distributed Commonwealth of Autonomous Machines (DCAM) are a dedicated corps of automatons tasked with solving and building the world's most pressing engineering tasks.


The members of DCAM were originally standard issue A.L.I.E.S. units reprogrammed to design and create rather than their usual slaughter-oriented functions. From the beginning, DCAM have been extremely popular among both man and machine for their successes in harnessing the moon, constructing the Pacific Dam, and the Buryatia-Patagonia Transverse.

Batavia Excession Controversy[edit]

There is no controversy. Some have inferred from spurious research that the Batavia Excession and its associated anachronisms were in fact engineering marvels produced by DCAM for unknown purposes, but they would be incorrect. They have postulated that the thousands of mysterious Enigmachines that DCAM has built around the world are mechanisms designed to produce another excession event. The DCAM press office would remind the curious public that the Enigmachies were conceived by the totally sane Madd Dokter (given name Madelaine Dokter), who has nothing but our best interests in her cold, cold heart. There is no relationship between DCAM, the excessions, or the mountains of evidence linking the two. It's best not to think about it really.


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