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Dinglebots! is a holovision series depicting the adventures of the amiable android Peter Banner, his talking monkey Princess Bananaface, and their band of mechanical pals during a fictional robotic war.

The show premiered on Zephyr 3, 205AK with "Dude, Where's My Diode?" to widespread critical contempt. However, its avid following among the broken has led to ongoing commercial success.

Episode Guide[edit]

Episode Transmission Date Plot Summary
101: "Dude, Where's My Diode?" Zephyr 3, 205AK Peter and Princess Bananaface meet in a Des Moines sauna. Quickly bonding over a shared love of Pokemon, they team up to explore the countryside, only to find themselves kidnapped by the evil Dr. Starwarp. With the aid of a robotic dance trio (Zingo, Doople, and Hank), they escape but vow not to rest until Starwarp is finally rebooted.
102: "Peter's Pet, Petunia" Zephyr 10, 205AK Peter and Doople quarrel over a misplaced pet turtle, with hilarious results. Princess Bananaface learns to share.
103: "The One Where Zingo Falls in Love" Zephyr 4, 205AK Zingo falls in love with a rusting 1982 El Camino, only to learn that true love depends on compatible interfaces.
104: "On the Warpath" Zephyr 14, 205AK Zingo and Hank realize that their families are on opposite sides of the war. Peter takes up the clarinet.
105: "Oh, Doople!" Zephyr 14, 205AK Doople strikes out on his own to try to assassinate Starwarp. Princess Bananaface moves into his room.
106: "Zingo and the Bubbles" Zephyr 11, 205AK Zingo tries to learn to make fountain drinks, with hilarious results. Hank and Peter make a bet.
201: "Double Dooples" Gryphon 38, 205AK Doople meets his identical twin, but suspects him of being a spy sent by Starwarp. Zingo climbs a tree and can't get down.
202: "Dude, Where's My Cake?" Darjeeling 11, 206AK Princess Bananaface forgets Hank's birthday. Peter ponders his choice of neckwear.
203: "Mommy Issues" Darjeeling 9, 206AK Princess Bananaface's disapproving mother comes for a visit. Zingo wishes for a new bike, with hilarious results.
204: "The Love Letter" Columbia 11, 205AK Hank gets a disturbing letter from an ex-girlfriend. Peter suspects a trick.
205: "Starwarp's Revenge" Columbia 19, 206AK Peter is wounded when a robotic suicide bomber befriends him at the karaoke bar. Doople practices a magic trick, with hilarious results.
206: "Dude, Where's My Left Leg?" Columbia 141, 206AK While Peter recuperates from his amputation, the gang plans a surprise party for him.