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The Diaspora is the commonly given name for a socio-cultural event that resulted in the departure of some 90% of the human population from the Earth, at least in some timelines. [1]

In the aftermath of the Excessions wide-scale alterations to the normal progression of space-time became common. Recent research[2] indicates that these events effectively made our reality permeable to other nearby parallel universes. Events and objects that did not originate in our timeline appear, our own objects disappear, etc. Thus, entire world-defining historical events can be wiped out, as they move to a different universe.[3]

Naturally, this was a highly stressful environment for most citizens, who were not trained chronological scholars. Accordingly, when the Nessum Stardrive was invented circa 435 AK,[4] substantial human emigration to other solar systems began immediately. The ultimate outcome of this movement is unknown, as affected timelines seem to disconnect from our own some 15 years after the Diaspora begins.


  1. Non-human sentient populations, such as those of the American Crow and the various cetaceans generally remained on Earth.
  2. See Pohl and Niven for fuller discussion.
  3. A classic example is the American War of Robotic Independence. While clearly not fitting into history as it is commonly known, there are (largely) reputable scholars who vehemently insist it occurred.
  4. Using the Brromley standard of dating. Obviously, the chronological issues make precise dating impossible.


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