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Plinth in his lab, c. February 2050.

The Devotchka device, an anachronistic artifact, came into the possession of Professor Ingrid Lesy in 2031 after being discovered in an attic by a man in San Sebastian.

It is thought to have existed within that timeline until April 7, 2050. Its current location and/or existence is unknown.

Many scholars believe that the device, operated by Everett Plinth, in fact triggered the Long Afternoon. Plinth, once a student of Dr. Lesy, had become convinced that the Devotchka Device would provide a gateway and means of control for asychronous co-terminalities. Consumed by his research, Plinth sank his considerable fortune into the development of a machine, powered by the Devotchka Device. He posited that the device could be used to navigate from a single point in time and space into any other point, even among dimensions.

Artist rendering of the device.

The device itself was said to resemble a pocket watch, with a starburst or arrow pattern emanating from the center with the Latin phrase ex uno, multis “from one, many” engraved upon it. This phrase has shown up at various key moments in history, giving credence to the theory that the Devotchka Device has played a critical role throughout history.

Plinth was said to have activated the machine on April 7, 2050. The device has not been seen since that time.

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