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The Derring-Do were a small population of humans that occupied the caves of Land-Kentucky during the years immediately following the Batavia Excession. The community coalesced around their shared defiance of the philosophy/lives of hard logic espoused and ascribed to by robots, as well as the softer and more cognitively permeable options presented by the Cetaceans. The Derring-Do were identifiable by their removal/lack of the pinky and ring fingers of their right hand (demonstrating their fleshiness and independence, and allowing the remaining fingers to naturally and gracefully fall into a d-shape) and by their hostility, and occasional outright violence, toward those lacking such lack.

Due to their largely subterranean and hostile nature, little is known about the day-to-day existence of the Derring-Do, nor what became of them[1], however they did leave behind hundreds of elaborate, homemade (often musical) liquor stills hidden throughout the vast network of tunnels and caverns of the Mammoth Cave system. The Derring-Do stills incorporate such astounding innovation in distilling technology that it's estimated their discovery advanced the study of gin and gin derivatives by decades, if not figurative light-years.[2]

Small child posing next to a Derring-Do gin still retrieved from a cavern beneath Joppa Ridge


  1. , It is theorized by less scrupulous scholars than myself that they may have had a hand in the creation of the Buryatia-Patagonia Transverse.
  2. Derring-Do legend holds that the mechanics behind their still construction was divined through observation/calculation of movements of extraterrestrial objects.


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