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The Demiurge Plague describes a spate of manic creativity observed shortly after the Secondary Excession, involving an as-yet unprecedented concentration of broken people. Due to the lack of linearity observed around excessions, it is widely theorized that the plague was cause, rather than effect of the event. Affected persons began obsessively crafting items, often items that could be part of a giant timepiece. A significant amount of the world's gewgaw arsenal originated from this time period.

Among those effected by the Demiurge Plague was a woman who matches the description of Carla, making her a rare example of a persistently anachronistic living entity. It is possible that her message of "Sagittarius must go" may then be related to the local obsession with the "Age of Aquarius," which would require clearing the Age of Sagittarius and then, presumably the Age of Capricorn.

No treatment could be found for those affected by the plague, and authorities in several localities felt pressured to invite Autonomous Local Individual Extermination Systems in to contain the problem. Although machine apologists continue to justify the resultant massacres as necessary, it is clear to any objective observer that the terror of massed demiurges resulted in the creation of some of today's most terrifying devices, and may have been the actual trigger to one or more excession.