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Alt Melis Fragment #51 - Dark Antimatter

Back when scientists believed that the laws of physics were much simpler and less mutable than they have recent proven to be, "Dark Matter" referred to parts of the universe that had been more or less proven to exist but nonetheless had never been directly detected. "Dark Antimatter" is currently understood to be parts of the universe which are assumed to exist but are either actively hiding from any observation or which, when detected, attack and destroy whatever does the detection.

The first type of Dark Antimatter, called Semimassive Hidden Illusory Large Lumps or SHILLS, are believed to have spent most of the lifespan of the universe in the Inferior Spatial Dimensions, but have recently been forced into normal space by our explorations there.

The second type, called Colorless Heavy Unknown Malefic Particles or CHUMPS are implicated in the disastrous Cincinatti Experiment as well as the extinction of the Echindae and Platypi.