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there have been documented and valid excuses for my absence in recent days and I shall expect my stipend in full as well as submitted expenses - this is a cut and paste of a transcription one of my assistants was working on but damned if I can remember the source - whatevs, gotta run - yrs etc Meatus

-D'g'ummm M'gaak current overlord of Ppls Poplr All Antarcticas Freehold
- held power since 162AK
-predecessor Stuart McJesus DDS poisoned by incumbent
during peace treaty banquet (security video confirms)

(illegible marginalia)
...his home dimension not yet encountered, 
likely 3 or 4 levels in based on 
xenoling. anal(ysis?) of his native speech,
aura 38.5 +/-,
dentition highly irregular...
(illegible and carries on for extended paragraph)
RADIO INTERCEPT, declaration of acension:
(recording assumed to be natural voice of D'g'ummm M'gaak)

And thus we are all of us here one on this Southern Continent.
  I don't care how many universes have collided here, 
I am ruler of them all should they only reveal themselves to me.

  As my great mentor and friend, dead Stuart McJesus, 
 said to me on his deathbed, 

"kill anyone who stands in your way my dearest rightful successor D'g'ummm M'gaak"

These words he said to me in the presence of the High Assessor
 and just before he handed me Signet of Byxs and Xor's Plasma Thrower.
All of this the High Assessor can attest was done freely 
     and while dear Stuart was of sound mind.

His words and his deeds prove my legitimacy as your new overlord. 
I channel
the moons now as Stuart did before me. 
I recognize your obeisance and it pleases me.


...mention of the new moons - where they an original part of
M'gaak's home dimension i.e. showed up w/his people and his lands (?)

- "channel the moons" sounds like obvious bullshit to me, assume it is empty spin -