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From the Desk of Dr. Meatus (resplendent), DDS

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My Friends,

Thanks so much for taking an interest in this "topic", you cheeky bunch of plagiarists and paranoid fiends. Glad to take this opportunity to set things straight. I'm most used to this sort of outreach with the vulgar and illiterate, but if those who would be my peers want to trot out the conspiracy theories, well then we can have that talk here too.

Here is what I have been authorized to report on behalf of the World Dentistry Association:

  1. There is no reliable way to link dentition and coherence.
  2. Dentists claiming membership in the WDA are not permitted to covertly install devices of any sort into their patients as a part of a world wide tracking and data gathering scheme.
  3. If such a device were to be installed, being thus "tagged" by your dentist does not single you out for redemption, claims to purity, or any other special status with the WDA.
  4. Authors implying a link between the WDA and "cryptodentistry" can expect a full legal, paralegal, extralegal and paramilitary response in order to protect our image as a clean, safe, and family-friendly redemption cult.

So there we go - that is what the suits say. But between you and me, friend, I think it might be better we just leave this topic well alone. If my people should take a direct interest in you, that will be a sad thing for all of us.

Here's to hoping for ongoing productive collaborations! Hope you're enjoying mucking about in the archives as much as I am - I'm always in the brown chambers around tea time nudge nudge.

All the best,