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The Crimp/Mono Syndicate is a transdimensional group of researchers, specializing in opthalmological chronology.


The Syndicate is named for the respective origin dimensions of their elder founders (though many other dimensions are now represented in the syndicate). According to published syndicate history, Elder Barada Niktos was spawned in The Crimp sometime between the Secondary and Tertiary Excessions. Elder K'kkkik Kakk'yk is said to have materialized in the Inner Monotemporal Dimension (one of the Inferior Spatial Dimensions) sometime shortly after the Batavia (Tertiary) Excession.


The Syndicate has spent many of its resources attempting to create a firm definition of the current post-Excessional timeline. The elders' immense lifespans are used as the justification for the Syndicate's claims of a current date of 135AK, however, this claim is highly disputed, due to the relativistic and non-logical timelines of the Inferior Spatial Dimensions and the Quadratic Chronology of The Crimp. Supporters claim that the syndicate has been able to account for the natures of the elders' respective timelines through higher mathematics and transdimensional probe reporting. These claims are disputed through the evidenciary documentation of the Bhong Literates and other organizations.

These disputes led The Syndicate to establish the field of opthalmological chronology as a means of providing scientific justification to their claims.

Membership and Fundraising[edit]

The Syndicate currently claims over 436 active members from 42 1/2 dimensions. It generates operational revenue through its recurring publication, "C/M Occasionally" (subscribed to by temporal researchers throughout more than 200 known dimensions), as well as through occasional door-to-door sales of the highly sought-after Crimp/Mono transdimensional alarm clock. Ownership of the alarm clock is prohibited in many jurisdictions due to safety concerns.


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