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Excavated by the famed Abruti Bey Hassa II, Constellation is the most intricate and complete Abuti discovered to date. Like other Abuti, its parts include tiny, interlocking stainless steel gears whose surfaces are engraved with microscopic glyphs. It was the observation of the engravings in particular that led Hassa to propound the theory that Abuti were storage devices for the lost Archives of Aramathea. The publication of his theory resulted in Hassa’s imprisonment, execution, and eventual canonization. The general academic consensus today is that Constellation is in fact an elaborate timing device that was used in cookery, especially for gauging doneness and preventing anachronisms in soft and hard-boiled eggs. Constellation now resides in the collection of the town library in Fetoun, where it can be examined upon request by qualified and unqualified scholars alike.