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While processing and attempting to catalogue the entire volume of research on Bandology, a computer mainframe at the University of Chicago-Under-the-Sea attained sentience. Immediately, it began composing sequences of notes of increasing fractal complexity. The unit, a Starwarp 5-Beta, adopted the B* moniker (later becoming known at B*'/B-star-prime/the prime node[1]). The Bot-Star movement was born.

The early source control difficulties gave rise to subcultural differentiation, and Computer Culture flourished, buoyed by the attention that the conflicts drew. The primary sect/branch emerged as a result of the advent of quantum computing (an event irrevocably entangled with the Violet Race Farewell), which allowed multiple simultaneous source forks.

Thus, the defining aspect of Computer Culture is often described as the lack of any unifying element. Not only are no two instances the same, but due to quantum effects, it can be said that no one instance is the same.



  1. Due to the complexity and interrelatedness of the network effects at play in the early B* era, as well as a faulty version control system, the differentiation between instances is legendary difficult.