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Either agreed to by -- or forced upon -- humanity at the end of the Second War (sometimes known as the Second American War of Robotic Independence or the First Global War of Robotic Independence) the Cohabitative Soft Peace is essentially humanity's complete surrender to Alies[1].

Attempts by human groups to renegotiate with the Murder Spiders have ended with the Spiders murdering them.

Rumors abound of a growing resistance movement intent on destroying Alies by any means necessary, but primary sources have not to this point been discovered by anybody trustworthy.


  1. Stoat continues to maintain that it was a peace agreement arrived at fairly and mutually, but Stoat is clearly a ninnypants, and Meatus's further research continues to show that the "agreement" had to be accepted essentially "as-is" or the Killbots would rain down Linear Clusterbombs upon every single goddamn human habitation, which doesn't sound so very fair and mutual, now, does it?


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