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-Alt Melis Fragment #111 - Codex Adulatio

The authorship of the Codex Adulatio is unknown and a matter of some dispute, with the leading theory suggesting Byxs despite the temporal and general improbability of this supposition.

The Codex is divided into four chapters (often called 'books' in citation). The first of these is a meditation on 57 varieties of love, each of which is associated with a special sauce. The second is concerned with eternity and the infinite, while the third is a treatise on memory which appears to recount history, including some parts that had not happened when the Codex itself first appeared, including its own role in the Rhythm War

The final chapter's meaning has divided scholarly communities, but the most productive interpretation thus far is as an allegory of the events surrounding the Demiurge Plague.

There is a fifth section to the Codex, generally considered an epilog or coda, which is a long assertion of the Codex's own trustworthiness and has been of no interest to serious scholars.


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