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Mycinea Coba, who identifies as Ess, is a noted paralinguist best known for eir seminal books The Psychophysiology of the Cerulean Dimension and Let's Talk Dirty to the Animals.

Coba's public and personal life are seemingly intertwined and while some observers suggest that Coba is demonstrating the Pre-Excession adage that “the personal is political”, others have posited that Coba is merely a narcissistic performance artist. By example, e is known for eir public disdain of the consumption of sweets and eir resulting unwillingness to interact with binary ants. Due to Coba's preeminence in the field of paralinguistics as well as eir noted temper, peers have reportedly been hesitant to attempt communication with the ants for fear of professional reprisal and ridicule.

Despite these critiques, Coba has been instrumental in the development of communication with the Cerulean Dimension and is credited with the Indigo Theory as well as introducing Eustace Jenkins to the Ghost Partners.

Coba is rumored to have recently collaborated on a lengthy study with Prof. Reinhold Sanger, however, these rumors have not be substantiated by either party as of this writing.


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