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While the details of the Cincinnati Experiment have been lost, enough evidence remains to piece together an outline of the events leading up to the experiment.


2027: Professor Ingrid Lesy theorizes that Causality Reversal may be possible, though not under current circumstances.

2031: Professor Lesy comes into possession of an anachronistic artifact. She and her colleagues begin their study of the Devotchka Device (named at the insistence of the University president, a recent convert to Bandology). A young student named Everett Plinth assists Lesy.

2033: Study of the Devotchka Device is abandoned after Professor Lesy is killed in a lab accident. The device is put into storage.

2042: Everett Plinth, now a successful entrepreneur and inventor, purchases the Devotchka Device from his alma mater, intending to continue Professor Lesy’s work. Over the next few years, he integrates the device into an apparatus of his own design.

2050: Plinth finishes his mechanism. He planned on activating the apparatus at noon on April 7. It must be assumed that the apparatus functioned in some manner, though not as intended. The whole of Cincinnati was destroyed over what was either a few hours, or several years, depending on how close one was to the epicenter.

Speculation on the Experiment[edit]

The few notes Plinth had shared with colleagues outside Cincinnati seem to indicate that he was attempting to induce an Asynchronous co-terminality in a small portion of his laboratory. Some scholars think that he succeded, as ACTs were not observed to exist prior to the experiment. Other scholars point out that destroying oneself as well as an entire metro area can hardly be referred to as “success”.


Devotchka Device

Long Afternoon



Asynchronous co-terminality


Causality Reversal