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Generated or made widely perceivable by the Batavia Excession (aka the Tertiary Excession), the Cerulean Dimension is the first non-Euclidean dimension perceivable by naked (exa) sapiens senses and is widely recognized to contain sentient life forms.

Sensing the Dimension[edit]

The People's Republic (primarily members of the pre-excession nation known then as China) trains specialists with the ability to perceive and interact with the Cerulean Dimension. While other nationals can acquire or develop these perceptions and talents as well, the citizens of The People's Republic claim that the sensation of the Cerulean Dimension is traditional among their people and their talents at interaction (through manipulation of the energy known in the People's Republic as Chi or Qi])[1] are also traditional through the study of the Taoist arts of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, T'ai chi ch'uan and Qigong.

Collaboration with Life Forms[edit]

Though we are unable to interact directly with these life forms and few of us know what they might look like[2], interaction with them via the Cerulean Dimension has generated particularly lovely collaborations and interactions. Great new symphonies, technologies, theories in mathematics, physics, sociology, botany, and many other great advances are available to us through our collaboration with our sentient Ghost Partners via the Cerulean Dimension. Indeed, Eustace Jenkins was able to prove that the Excessions were natural via a particularly beautiful and widely appreciated work of (physical) love, mathematics and music.[3]


  1. Indeed the martial musician known as Yo Yo Ma 16 is especially esteemed for his ability to spawn particularly lovely and elegant symphonies and chorales within the Cerulean Dimension for global enjoyment.
  2. Those who do, even visual artists, have never been able to render consistent representations.
  3. It's said that her orgasm rocked even the Vatican.


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