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Causality Reversal is a disruption is the usual flow of time. Generally believed to have first occurred after the Primary Excession (or in the vulgar commonplace, "the Event")[1], causality reversal inverts the normal cause-effect relationship, so that actions may be caused by events that occur later in subjective chronology. Causality reversal can cause extreme distress to those in its area of effect, as they feel they are puppets of some unseen force. Every effort to escape the effect only ensnares them more deeply.[2]

Obviously, research into this area is highly dangerous, as researchers seek to avoid too close contact with effect itself. What is known is that causality reversal is closely related to both the anachronism phenomenon and the analogous zone. There is serious concern that the fabric of space-time itself may be fraying, particularly given the growing affected areas in Old Australia. What can be done about this is unclear.


  1. However, learned opinion does vary on this. Scholars have placed the first appearance of causality reversal as late as the Batavia Excession. See Klee and Battersea, Further Researches Into Disruptions of the Chronological Continuum.
  2. Lee and Lifeson have the definitive text on this sensation.


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