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Carla's Gift is an emotionally transmitted disease prevalent among humans and cetaceans.

The first recognized cases of Carla's Gift were seen in what was then San Diego, California, shortly before the Secondary Excession. Patients report delusions of excessive bodily moisture and an increased, even monomaniacal, appetite for fish. In addition, patients universally report a recurring hallucination of a redheaded woman, who appears without warning, says simply "I am Carla and this is my gift," delivers a cryptic message, and then vanishes. The content of the hallucinated messages varies from one patient to the next but numerous phrases, including "Welcome to the jungle," "Boola boola, boola boola," and (intriguingly to researchers attempting to decode Atherton's Puzzle) "Sagittarius must go," are common.

Today, Carla's Gift frequently is seen among those also afflicted with timeline acoherency.