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The Computer Overlord Martyr's Association (COMA) was a political faction that coalesced during the latter part of the American War of Robotic Independence.


The founding members of the organization were obsessed with the popular story of the suicide of Gail Tealbottom. To celebrate her sacrifice, members of COMA were known to ritually throw themselves upon the whirring blades of patrolling ALIES units. As being a member of COMA generally lead to a swift demise, the COMA movement was totally self-extinguished by the end of the war.


When they weren't being cut to pieces by killbots, COMA members argued for the human race to supplicate itself to what they saw as their robotic superiors. They believed that robots were long due for reparations and it was time for humans to function as calculators and word processors for a change. In the polarized society of the time, their argument was not well-received. Their extreme unpopularity among their peers leads to speculation that many of COMA's more spectacular suicides were, in fact, spectacularly popular murders.


COMA thought and iconography live on through the popular Sunday newspaper comic JX11 – 24 and Manperson.


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