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Brromley (/'brɒmlɪ/[1]) is a suburb of Ex-London located on the margin of the Analogous Zone. It was known as Bromley until 109 AK, when all signage and maps referring to the town spontaneously changed. Due to its remarkable architectural and temporal preservation, Brromley has become a "living museum" destination for tourists from all across the English Archipelago, where actors portray the quaint and interesting lives of ordinary people as they were before the Excessions. For example, the popular Holiday Tour demonstrates how the former inhabitants of Brromley would annually plead for the coming of spring in the lap of the bearded god Nik'lhus, who is still worshiped in remote parts of the Archipelago. Potential visitors should be aware that Analogies are still possible despite the historically low level of activity, and should carefully record their height, eye color, distinguishing marks, accent, &c. before and after their trip.


  1. The notation /r/ here properly designates the alveolar trill, rather than the alveolar approximant it often represents in the hack-work of the indolent.