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Brimwind is the popular term given to the sudden, powerful stench that accompanies an anachronistic disappearance. The Tome of Croyle describes it as "the smelle like ten herds of the greatest unclean beastes." More recent accounts describe it as "fucking wicked bad, man. Like, really, really bad."

The stench typically lasts about a week, although the most widely-accepted theory is that the length and intensity of the stench is directly proportional to the size of the object that has disappeared.

Notable Examples[edit]

  • The area surrounding the town of Edentill is still uninhabitable nearly two hundred years after the Clock Tower Incident.
  • Texas.
  • Belgium.

Popular Culture[edit]

The expression "sniffing for Brimwind" is now used to imply that someone is placing outsize importance on insignificant events.

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