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Brewing is a Lost Art for accessing altered states of consciousness.

While most knowledge of brewing has been lost or distorted beyond recognition, fragmentary evidence recovered from the Galbraith Dig has allowed scholars to conclude that brewing involved a series of chemical and alchemical manipulations of various components. The resulting elixr was known by several names, including Nat Delight, Boonesfarm, Meth, Satori, Absence, and Coffee. It remains unclear whether these names were regional variants, descriptions of emotional states induced, or entirely different brewed substances.

Some evidence found in the extant works of the Country and Western folkmagicians Aerosmith suggests that the psychotropic properties brought about by brewing may have induced socially-undesirable behavior [1] on the part of those partaking.

Suggestions that the almost certainly fictional [2] "Archives of Aramathea" contain information relating to this historical art are wholly without merit.


  1. "You’ve been foolin’ with the Bitch’s Brew
    You know the things I told you not to do
    That ain’t the thing you ought to fool with
    Now you keep your fingers out of there, honey
    You know that ain’t no there." -- Miles Davis, lyricist, 1982
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