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The Bhong Literates are primarily responsible for the main interpretation, derivation and definition of the Adda Krazh calendar and date system.

Living in their hive colonies on the Oval Sea, the Bhong Literates live an otherwise penitential life in cloister, though they are widely suspected of being to credit or blame for the periodic spates of Murder Robot hacking incidents. This is primarily due to material evidence. After a successful hack, the spiders are often left strewn around the Prelates' arcologies in the unmistakeable characteristic glyphs of the Literates' guild code. At this time no one but the Literates themselves or whoever might be framing them for these (mis)deeds can say whether they are directly responsible for these attacks.[1]

Among these other pursuits, the Bhong Literates are also known for their extensive exploration of the lost art of Brewing.


  1. And who'd believe the bastards anyway?