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As first noted in the Analogous Zone of Ex-London, Beta Capital is the symptom of non-uniqueness to physical items. Commonly known as "Betas", their existence continues to cause a profound effect amongst the remaining Capitalist economies of post-Excession Europe[1].


The average consumer[2] exhibits a significant distaste for those items known to be Betas, and in areas that have suffered effects of the Analogous Zone, those interested in selling are often required to provide certificates of authenticity or be forced to sell their wares at a significantly lower price. While many, more credulous members of the proletariat attribute their irrational distaste for Betas as being caused by "mysterious illnesses" associated with them, (see Carla’s Gift, Many’s sign, and Hepta-delirium for further information), all rational peoples properly informed by their ruling council of their mass-, quasi-, or un-organised human collective eschew such superstitions.

Relation to Anachronisms[edit]

While the phenomenon of Anachronism is related to Beta Capital, subtle differences have been observed. While it is widely agreed that Anachronistic Objects are the same object, but experiencing different non-linear times, Betas, as found in Analogous Zones, are similar yet distinct items occupying the same time. Even more oddly, irrational consumerist behaviour attributes greatly increased "antique" value to Anachronistic items, as opposed to the disdain for Betas.