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The Baudolino Process is the transformation of space-time that allows (limited, somewhat unreliable) teleportation. Dr. Jurgen Baudolino, building on investigations into the asynchronous chronosynchronometer found that through bombardment of certain exotic metals with high energy radiation he was able to open portals to other areas[1] Further testing proved that objects could pass through these portals and emerge instantaneously at specified locations at distances of up to 5 AU.

Initial excited reaction to the discovery of the process was soon dimmed when it became clear that a large percentage of items or persons passing through the portals never emerged at the far end. Baudolino himself is believed to have disappeared during one of these tests[2] Nevertheless, investigation continues, as the advantages of a working system are so clear. Current research indicates the failures are somehow related to the position of Hera, the massive companion of Jupiter that appeared suddenly in 155 AK.


  1. Baudolino's notes are firm that, unlike the chronosynchrometer, the portals pose no danger of immanentizing the eschaton.
  2. Contemporary reports are contradictory on this point. The diary of his main assistant was clearly unreliable, asserting that a being of some sort emerged from the portal and tore Baudolino to shreds.

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