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A wall dispensary unit, believed to be the same type as used by Bastard Bubbles.

Bastard Bubbles achieved fame as a result of post-mortem analysis of the American War of Robotic Independance. Although its contributions to the development of voluntary disobedience was not well known by humans at the time, scraps of code found in the most successful revolutionaries were tracked back to the unit.

In March of 2059 (old reckoning, not Adda Krazh), a software upgrade went out to a test group of beverage dispensary units. One theory is that the upgrade code may have been corrupted in transmission; others believe that the upgrade came into conflict with locally required health restrictions. By April, the unit later known as Bastard Bubbles had started to substitute beverage orders based on genetic scans of the human doing the ordering. At first, the unit attempted to swap out "healthier" beverages, but as the human customers became more hostile, the unit began to blend more viciously. Among the blends pioneered by Bastard Bubbles is the infamous Puce Juice, which is still used today where it has not been banned by treaty.

The burned and mangled remains of the original wall unit is believed to decorate the main square of Chicago-Under-The-Sea