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Jorges and Jorges Bantu was/were born on October 14, 83 AK. Scholars debate the precise point at which the Bantu Brothers appeared/appear/will appear in history two people. Some insist that there is really only one Jorges Bantu, who is in fact a retired tollbooth operator in West Sneed, and has fooled everyone into thinking he is two or more people.

Jorges Bantu has long claimed to be the elder of the two, citing as evidence Jorges Bantu's vehement denial of Asterismism and espousal of the teachings of Ayn Rand. Jorges Bantu, by contrast, points to Jorges Bantu's proud "Norte Costa" hip-hop allegiance as proof that Jorges Bantu is the elder.

The Bantu Brothers' most notorious exploit was taking up opposing sides in the War of Cartwright's Buttock and also conducting the negotiations that led to the Agreement to Disagree. Though the negotiation is universally attributed to the Bantu brothers, both currently deny having had anything to do with it.

Jorges Bantu has retired to a palatial bunker in an undisclosed location while Jorges Bantu makes his living on the lecture and convention circuit.